Welcome ‘home’!

I arrived in Iceland 3 days ago, on August 26th (or 26 Ágúst, as we’d say here). Danish by birth, Icelandic by blood, and raised in the United States, I’m returning to Iceland to pursue a graduate degree in Environment and Natural Resource Management from the University of Iceland.

Many things contributed to my decision to return to Iceland after living abroad for 24 years: I was ready to go back to school after receiving my Bachelor’s degree in English and German in 2009, I’d gotten as much out of my job as a director at a private education company as I could since I’d graduated, and I wanted to live in Iceland and breathe in its fresh air every morning for longer than the few weeks I’d visited before. I wanted to reconnect to the country from which my heritage springs forth, to live with my relatives that over the years I’ve seen more and more infrequently, and to integrate myself in this unique society.

In this blog I hope to cover many aspects of my new life – my studies, my school, Icelandic society, and whatever else comes my way.

Thanks for reading!



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