Esjan mín

This weekend I hiked Mount Esja (or Esjan, the “n” indicating “The Esja,” also used for possession), one of Iceland’s most popular mountains for recreation. I couldn’t have asked for a better day: the clear, bright sun allowed for a brilliant view from the top, and the snow contoured the mountain and highlighted its peaks and valleys. I used hiking spikes (broddar in Icelandic) for the first time and they afforded me excellent security in the icier regions, both in my ascent and descent. Of course, everything is better with a trusty canine companion, and the one pictured below might have enjoyed the hike even more than me, jumping around with the alacrity of a mountaingoat and diving into streams for rocks.


This beautiful and formidable Icelandic nature experience revitalized my day and week, and I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend, no matter what part of the world.


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