Who’s to blame for climate change?

A few days ago The Guardian published this article, allocating two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions to a mere 90 companies. The interesting graphic shows exactly which companies in which industrial sector are to blame – well, that was easy! Now that those troublesome companies have been found out, we’ll simply let them know we don’t want their – wait, what’s that? Exxon…hmm. And BP? Oh…



Of course large oil and gas companies contribute heavily to climate change, but these companies would not operate without consumers. As this New York Times op-ed piece puts it, “discussions of accountability have to go much farther down the chain.” Global warming is a global issue, and global inhabitants need to face their role in the problem. Asserting that these companies “caused” the climate change crisis places the onus of action squarely on their shoulders, rather than imploring individuals to rethink their consumption on a more personal, local scale.


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