The Human Perspective in The Limits to Growth

The Limits to Growth was written in 1972 and was a milestone in the movement towards sustainable development, largely popularized for its assertion that while our population and consumption increase exponentially, the resources we consume are largely finite.

Dr. Dennis Meadows, one of the primary authors of the work, is giving a lecture at the university later today which I am very excited to attend. In re-reading through the original text, I came across this interesting graphic representation of the human perspective.


I’ll leave you with the caption:

“Although the perspectives of the world’s people vary in space and in time,
every human concern falls somewhere on the space-time graph. The
majority of the world’s people are concerned with matters that affect only
family or friends over a short period of time. Others look farther ahead in
time or over a larger area-a city or a nation. Only a very few people have
a global perspective that extends far into the future.”


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