Where in the world?

In case you were wondering where I’m stationed these days here is a little update. For those of you outside of the know, there are not one but two universities in downtown Reykjavík, confusingly named the University of Iceland (my school – WOO!) and Reykjavík University (BOO! Just kidding, it’s cool too).

Although I am pursuing my degree at the University of Iceland, a public university and Iceland’s oldest, with roughly 14,000 students, I am currently working at Reykjavík University, the younger, smaller (3000 students), and more private (literally) of the two. The student group I’m managing this summer has a classroom rented here for their studies in the city, where we arrived from the Westfjords 10 days ago. Here’s what RU looks like:

Reykjavik_UniversityThe modern design is clearly noteworthy (the building was completed in 2010) – the various university wings spread out from a single atrium, mimicking the planets revolving around the sun. For instance, our classroom is in Venus, while the neighboring wing is Mars. There’s even a tiny gilded meteorite in the lobby.

For comparison (and because I feel guilty focusing so much on this school rather than my own), here is the oldest building at the University of Iceland, a little over a mile away from RU: haskoliislands

Isn’t it beautiful? The design is certainly reflective of the aesthetic of the past, as it was built in 1940. Of course this building is only one of many which makes up the University of Iceland today, but still the representation which comes to most people’s minds when they think of it.

Now when you visit Iceland you’ll understand the difference between the two schools and can sound smart to your traveling partner. You’re welcome!



One thought on “Where in the world?

  1. Just got back from a weekend in Reykjavik – we walked past this building on the way to the beach and I was wondering what it was!

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