Sustainable Cities: There’s an App for That : Energy Priorities Podcast

In my endeavors to narrow down a thesis topic (I know, I know, I thought I’d only just begun also!) I’ve been branching out to…wait for it, other podcast categories. Don’t worry Wait Wait, Freakanomics, Radio Lab and This American Life I haven’t forsaken you completely – I still find time for your captivating social experiments and hilarious weekend trivia, but I’ve allowed more time to applicable, environmentally themed choices as well.

A particularly interesting conversation had on a 2011 episode of Energy Priorities discussed sustainable growth in cities. As many of you may know, 3.5 billion people currently reside in urban areas, and it is estimated that by 2030 the number will grow to a whopping 5 billion. While higher populations living in cities is more efficient in many ways, it also poses unique threats to the environment and infrastructure within. This episode discusses potential solutions for these obstacles through sustainable design and architecture, transportation reform, and smart data analysis. The way we build and rebuild cities in the future relies on economics, policy, and politics, but it is imperative that the system be well-integrated in order to be successful.

Occasionally in searching for an educational podcast all I find is a professor droning into his recorder, but this was both stimulating and enlightening. The contributors are well-informed and concise, and the dialogue provides great insight into this issue. While a few years old, I found it still relevant and also a good springboard for looking into the progress of some of the initiatives mentioned. Give it a listen here!


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