Frida in…Brooklyn?

Hello again and happy new year! It’s been about 6 weeks since I took my last exam in Iceland and a few days later hopped on my plane “home,” a word which has become a lot richer over the past few years. Since then my life has mutated into something very different, so I wanted to take a minute to list some of the things I find myself scribbling in my notebook during the day. This is only a precursor of the future of this blog – which I’ll have to rename, I suppose, although the prospect makes my heart a little sad. Things to be thankful for in 2015:

  • Two weeks after my return, the world welcomed Sofia Alexis Alvarez to Dan’s older sister, and I got to experience the singular joy of looking into eyes that just opened for the first time – additionally Sofia’s birth was of benefit to my grandmother, who is constantly searching for fresh blood to knit sweaters and blankets for, as she has exhausted the entirety of her current living relatives
  • Two weeks after relocating to New York City, I got a job that has so far proved challenging and stimulating, while still allowing me the flexibility to commit time to my thesis-writing
  • Although my thesis is daunting at times, I’m excited to explore emerging trends about sustainable consumption and electronic commerce – and blog about it!
  • A new library card is always something to be thankful for
  • I got to experience 80-degree, sunny weather for 5 blissful days in January, while the rest of the Northeast dealt with a “blizzard” (thank you Puerto Rico!) This reprieve with three of my best friends was enough physical and mental therapy for the whole year
  • Each morning as I walk to the train, I pass a school on my street where students dutifully cross the street while holding hands with each other or their parents – this cuteness warms me up more than a cup of coffee
  • Speaking of coffee – my parents bought Dan and me a coffee maker for Christmas – and I sip it each day out of two beautiful Icelandic clay mugs I received from my aunt upon leaving Iceland
  • Christmas was spent with both my families, (the Oskars-clan, as Dan calls us, and the Sanchi, as I call Dan’s family) and for the first time in my life I opened my presents exclusively on Christmas Day, instead of Christmas Eve. I *truly* am growing up.
  • I am slowly mastering the NYC subway system and it feels as satisfying as I would imagine running a marathon feels (let’s be honest I’ll never truly be able to compare the two)
  • Speaking of the subway – my rides to and from work have allowed me to return once more to one of my purest pleasures in life: the crossword puzzle – oh I’ve missed you
  • Happy hour in New York versus happy hour in Reykjavik. Seriously. You guys. I thought I might cry when I saw that $3 Mojito sign
  • My little brother being invited to present a paper he wrote at a conference in San Francisco this year – the Oskars-clan is killing it!

So, I look forward to blogging here and there about my academic and leisurely pursuits as I become “that new girl in Brooklyn who is still way too happy to be here” Until then!


One thought on “Frida in…Brooklyn?

  1. Congrats on your move, Fríða (and, of course, on your library card)! Wave to Brooklyn for me, and good luck on the subways. You’ll start rabbiting across platforms to switch between local and express trains, developing extremely strong opinions on how the overall system could be improved, and effortlessly interpreting the language of broken-speaker-“planned service change”-ese extremely soon, I’m sure.

    Gangi þér vel!

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