It has sprung!!

So although there have been some dips back into chilly evenings, and this city decided to became “windy” these past few days (as a recently recovered Icelandic resident…I thought I had left that teeth-chattering chapter behind me), spring has officially arrived. The birds are making moves, the snow is melting, and my basement apartment is still freezing. But really, I don’t even have to put on the heater during the day anymore! Progress!

But truthfully, warmer weather and sunny, cloudless days do something magical to your mind and body and I find myself poking my eyes up above my scarf every once in a while to take in more of my new surroundings. I have a *significant* commute (no complaints!) and it involves a bit of walking from the train and now that the streets are abuzz with even more people and everyone is thawing out, I figured I’d list (yes, a list, I’m lazy) a few of the spring-ish things that I’ve observed (spied, eavesdropped, etc.) as of late.

1. Probably the funniest: two tourists caught up behind me in Williamsburg and asked very politely if we were near Union Square (in Manhattan, a 15 minute walk and 5 minute train ride away). In my elation at actually knowing how to give directions I gleefully exclaimed “FOLLOW ME!” and we marched onward together, the two of them cautiously following behind me carrying on their conversation, while I smiled at passersby who probably thought this was some sort of weird social experiment. It was as awkward as you imagine, but in the end they were so grateful to be put on the right path it more than made up for it. Good deed accomplished.

2. I saw a child who couldn’t be more than 7 years old carefully walking up the stairs of the subway while completing his homework. It was unbearably cute and I didn’t even realize until mentioning it to someone else later how inured I’ve become to seeing unattended children on the subway.

3. The conversations – oohhhh the conversations! It is a true dream of a voyeur like myself to feast my ears on the cacophony of the hilariously un-self-aware New Yorker who fulfills every stereotype, the woman forcing the waitress to list every beer on the menu in front of her, or the child singing Let It Go into a microphone at 7:45 am on the 4 train.

Just a sweet sampling for now – but I urge you all to keep your ears and eyes open for the tiny pleasures afforded you by Spring – I’m so glad she’s back!


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